Our mission is to create space, where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. We want to help you reduce stress, get rid of problems and give you the feeling of happiness and safety. In a busy world, in which people do not give one another enough attention and time, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Przytulanie.pl is the very first place in Poland, where you can try out a cuddling session. During a 30- or 60- minute session our professional snuggle partners cuddle and talk with customers. According to research, cuddling has a positive impact on our immune system, boosts your feeling of safety and is a natural anti-depressant. Our aim is to promote friendly relationships between people and openness to positive influence that cuddling has on our health.

During their business trip to the USA Sylwia and Magda saw an advert of a company which offered hugging. At first they were quite sceptical about this idea but after careful consideration and examination of the subject they decided to implement the idea in Poland. They were motivated by friends, who were complaining about lack of tenderness and touch. Some of them could not receive warmth from partners, the others were single. Sylwia and Magda decided to meet needs of all of them and create Przytulanie.pl.

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She studied animal studies, loves animals. She has finished a lot of workshops from the area of personal development and unconventional medicine. She deals with emotions accumulated in her through physical activities and dancing. Helping others and mental self-development are her great passions. She loves spending her free time in natural environment, walking through meadows and forests, on water, observing birds and climbing mountains.


He is a body sociologist, a composer of alternative music and a fan of healthy food. Łukasz has a lot of talents – he sings, cooks vegan dishes, works as a consultant of medical equipment. His “rock-style look” harmonizes with his internal peace and warmth. He likes cuddling since childhood, sharing his positive energy with others.


Warm and friendly. As a 3-year old girl she cuddled and comforted all children in a nursery school. She finds active listening the most important issue in relationships with people. The grandmother of a 6-month-old girl, she makes jewellery and rag toys, and reads books in her free time. Recently she has become interested in quantum physics. Hania is a mediator and a specialist in butterfly massage.


Demonstrating tenderness has always been extremely important for her. She likes cuddling and meeting new people. She works with people who admire her openness and communication skills. Justyna is a film director with professional background. She likes sea, cycle trips and watching films in the evening while eating a bar of chocolate. In our snuggle salon she cuddles up with women.